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Thu, Jun. 22nd, 2006, 09:00 pm
US vs. Ghana

I just now got to watch the US vs. Ghana game (I was at work while it was on). I have to say, I'm very disappointed. The penalty kick resulting in the second Ghana goal was, I think, undeserved. Still, I guess it doesn't matter that much, since we still would only have tied without it, and still would not have advanced to the round of sixteen. Oh well, maybe we'll do better in 2010.

Sat, Jun. 17th, 2006, 04:00 pm
US vs. Italy

We just tied Italy!
That was probably the worst officiated game I have ever seen. There wera a total of three red cards, one of which was justified, and more yellow cards than I could keep track of. Truly awful. So with Italy's one red card and the US's two, we were playing 9 on 10 for almost the entire second half, and we still didn't allow them any goals. Granted, we didn't actually score any goals, as the one point we had was an own-goal by an Italian defender, but I'm pretty sure that even if he had kicked it like he meant to, the American forward right in front of him would have gotten it in. Beasly got one kick into the Italian goal, but McBride was just slightly ahead of their last defender, so it was off sides. Still, McBride almost scored about five times. I think if we had been able to keep all of our players on the field, even if Italy did, too, it would have been a 2-1 upset. To get to the second round (brackets), the US will have to beat Ghana by any amount if Italy beats the Czach Republic, but we will have to beat them by at least 5 points Italy and the Czech Republic tie. So hopefully Italy and the US both win.

Sat, Jun. 10th, 2006, 12:00 pm
World Cup 2006

I watched the Germany vs. Costa Rica game after I got home from work today. That was a great game. Germany made a beautiful, almost postage stamp goal only 5 minutes in, and Costa Rica scored 6 minutes after that. Both teams played really well. I had expected Germany to, but I was surprised at how well Costa Rica kept up. It was tied for a lot of the game, and then Costa Rica was only down by one point for quite a while. Germany pulled another great goal just before the 90 minute mark, making the final score 4-2. I recorded the Poland vs. Ecuador game too, but I didn't watch it yet. The US doesn't play until Monday (against the Czec Republic). Hopefull they will at least tie them.

Wed, May. 10th, 2006, 05:00 pm
Aero Lab

Woo! I just finished my 24 page Aerodynamics lab!
And I don't have to take my Strength of Materials final!
And I got a 92% on my Chemistry test!
And I'm having Goodcents for dinner!
Today is awesome!

P.S. - Happy Root Canal Appreciation Day everyone!

Wed, Apr. 12th, 2006, 05:00 pm
Fall 2006

I enrolled for next semester today. I'll be taking:
AE 290 Aerospace Colloquium
AE 507 Aerospace Stuctures I
AE 545 Aerodynamics
AE 550 Dynamics of Flight I
AE 571 Reciprocating Propulsion
RUSS 100 Russian Reading I

Thu, Feb. 23rd, 2006, 08:30 am
Today's Holidays

Curling Is Cool Day
Visit this site!

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Girls, please solve this problem!
(And if you get the answer, please tell me the answer because I don't want to do it.)
Assume that the pitching moment characteristics of a propeller driven airplane are as shown in the figure below. If the elevator deflection will generate an incremental pitching moment coefficient given by: ∆Cm = Cm(δe), calculate and plot the elevator angle, δe, to trim versus the thrust coefficient for zero flaps and for flaps down. Assume that Cm(δe) = -0.02 1/deg and α = 6 deg.
Problem 5.7 graph

National Chili Day
I'm having chili for dinner. I suggest you do the same.

Wed, Feb. 8th, 2006, 08:30 pm
Lego Church

My uncle just sent me this:
    Lego Church
  • How long to build it? It was about a year and a half of planning, building and photographing.
  • How many pieces of LEGO to build it? more than 75,000
  • How big is it? About 7 feet by 5 1/2 feet by 30 inches (2.2 m x 1.7 m x .76 m)
  • How many LEGO people does it seat? 1372
  • How many windows? 3976
  • It features a balcony, a Narthex, stairs to the balcony, restrooms, coat rooms, several mosaics, a nave, a baptistry, an altar, a crucifix, a pulpit and an elaborate pipe organ.

Lego Church

Lego Church

Lego Church

Lego Church

Wed, Jan. 25th, 2006, 08:30 am
The CW

Well, at least now no one will have to fight about which channel is the worst.

Sun, Jan. 22nd, 2006, 02:00 pm
Thank you, doctor

I went to the doctor yesterday and got medicine
for the nose

Sat, Dec. 24th, 2005, 02:00 pm
Happy Birthday Jesus

Thank you, Facebook.
Happy Birthday

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